October Yard Tips

October Yard Tips

October Yard Tips

Plant garlic cloves from mid October to early November.

Remove vegetable plants from garden to prevent insects. Clean up and discard any fallen fruit or vegetables.

Mulch your carrots and beets and parsnips in ground, to prevent the ground from freezing.

Cut back ornamental grasses in snow heavy areas, in other areas grasses at full height can be left.

Remove annual flower plantings.

Plant spring bulbs also plant Pansy’s, Primrose and Kale.

Dig any perennial tubers and store in cool dry place.

Plant Trees and shrubs.

Protect trunks of young trees by wrapping.

Mow your lawn one more time to a length of 1-1 1/2 inches.

Apply a quick release nitrogen fertilizer  after your last mowing.

Give your trees a deep watering to help them through the dormant season.

Wrap evergreens to prevent breakage.