Fall is coming and water gardening is still alive with colors!


“Like the love of music, books, and pictures, the love of gardens comes with culture and leisure and with the ripening of the home life.”   The Practical Garden-book, C.E. Hunn and L.H. Bailey –

At J&J we can help you maintain your water garden with variety of water treatments and advice from our experience.

“The garden made by one’s own hands is always the best garden, because it is a part of oneself.  A garden by another may interest, but it is another person’s individuality.”  The Practical Garden-book, C.E. Hunn and L.H. Bailey –

No pond or water fall is the same that is why we have a variety of water treatments in stock.  Let us help you find what works best in your water garden.

Get ready for winter with barley straw and cold water bacteria.  OneFix is a great product to use for cold water treatment.  Use small pump or a aerator for winter instead of using a big water fall pump or a de-icer. Hope to see at J&J Nursery and Garden Center!

Need a Fountain?  Here are some websites to check out.  Pick one out and let us know which one, we can bring it in for you!




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