Virus Info

Virus Info

Virus Info

Dear Friends,

Yes!! We are OPEN!  Yes, we are practicing social distancing! The Health Department has reviewed our facility and continues to make recommendations which we are following. The Health Department has recommended that we avoid taking cash payments at this time for the safety of our employees. Please come prepared to use a debit or credit card.

For the safety of yourself and others if you have any virus symptoms, please stay home!  When you come to the nursery, you will see markers all through the building, these marks are to help with the social distancing that we are trying to maintain. So, look down, look around, and try to be aware of those around you.

Our Employees have been issued masks, however we have given them the freedom to choose whether they wear them or not.  Please do not be rude to our employees, they are here to help you not to hear you lecture them.  Our cashiers are sanitizing everything that a customer comes in contact with at the counter and they deserve a big thank you! Please be patient with us, this situation is unusual for all of us. Yes it is crowed and can be EXTREMELY crowded, so just be prepared to cope with lots of customers around you or stay home. WE ARE NOT responsible for the behavior of customers. Mask wearers please smile with your eyes! Things go a lot smoother in line and while shopping if people make an effort to be kind to each other.

At this time, we must inform you that pets will no longer be allowed in J&J. Service animals must be marked as such. Emotional support animals do not qualify. Please do not bring your pets to J&J. We need to provide everyone who comes here a clean environment, and pets add to that challenge. We cannot have animals urinating on the floors and greenhouse tables. Many people leave their animals messes for our employees to clean up, this is not appropriate

We are also going to ask that for the safety of your children and our elderly shoppers that you leave your children at home. Most children do not understand personal boundaries, especially when they get excited to see something, so at this time we must ask that you please leave them at home.

Please be aware that the hours of 8am to 5pm are the peak hours of the day, with Friday and Saturday being the busiest days of the week.   Lately, the hours of 5pm to 8pm Monday through Thursday, are the quietest. (A great shopping time for our senior and high risk customers to consider).  When arriving, if you determine that the parking lot is full, we ask that, you might for your safety and piece of mind, consider one of our recommended days or times!