Ponds vs Landscaping

Ponds vs Landscaping

Ponds vs Landscaping

*Ponds use less water than lawns

*a pond can lose ~200 gallons of water in 37 days

* pop up heads for 25 minutes = 247 gallons/day

*10x15x18″ deep pond in full sun in one week loses 42 gallons.

That’s is 6 gallons a day.

-Fish aquarium loses a 2 gallons a week.

*3 – 1 GPH emitter for a large tree, that is 3 gallons in one hour.

*1 pop up head 12 half use 1.2 gpm @ 25 PSI, 20 minutes = 24 Gallons per minute

*3400GPH Pond Max pump running 24/7 will cost only $9.90/month

*A pond can drop 1″ in a day, 2.5 gallons a day or in 10 days 25 gallons.

*Flowers are nice but to keep them blooming requires dead-heading

*Algae is a problem but bind weed and oxalis is harder to control.

*Fruit trees give a yield but require pruning, thinning, fertilizing, and spraying

*Flowers are nice to look at but Water Features provide interest in the fall and winter!

*Put a waterfall or pond in spots that you can’t grow anything.

*Ponds are Eco Friendly, provides water for birds and wildlife

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