Fall Winter Pond Care

Fall Winter Pond Care

Fall Winter Pond Care

*Clean out Filter pads for pond

*Disconnect Check Valve if not running the pump thru winter

*Start using cold water bacteria when water temperature in around 50 degree F (10 degree Celcuis)

*Stop feeding fish when water temperature is 45 Degree F

*Clean out leaves that drop in the pond

*Clean out debris with a net or a pond vacuum


*Use a small pump instead of a aerator or a de-icer can be more efficient to run and does a better job keep a hole in the ice and circulate the pond at the same time.

*Barley is good to use to help control algae in the cold water.

* Using cold water bacteria like Real Clear, Aquascape cold water bacteria, or OneFix will help control the ammonia and nitrite levels in the pond.