Time to get your water garden ready for winter!

*Stop feeding fish when water temperature is 45 Degrees

*Make sure you have a de-icer

*Use a small pump to maintain hole in the ice, much more energy efficient and more beneficial to the fish to help circulate the water and aerate too.

*Clean out sludge from pond and keep leaves out of the pond.

*Use cold water bacteria

*Disconnect pipe from pump if you choose not to keep the waterfall going

*Store pump in a bucket of water till spring.

“One can not reflect in streaming water, only those who know internal peace can give it to others.” Lao Tzu – Chinese Philosopher

Every one enjoys the sounds of water.  Walking along a bubbling brook in the mountains or the enjoying a stroll along a stream in a meadow.  Watching a waterfall cascading down a mountain side and watching the white water run down a river.  Watching fish feed in the evening sun set.  You can have your own oasis in your yard.  Yes there is maintenance to a pond but it is less than the regular yard maintenance, you don’t have to pull or spray weeds from a pond or waterfall.  When maintaining your yard verses  a pond you don’t have to mow weekly, spray for weeds, water, and try to keep the grass green through all summer.  In a pond the only weed you have to worry about is, ALGAE, but that is easy to take care of with a once a week dose of chemical and then a dose of water treatment.  Koi can be very social animals, even gold fish, Koi will learn that you are the one that brings food to them and they will eat out of you hands, it does take time to get them to that point but so does training a dog or cat to be obedience to you.  At least you don’t have clean a box or get a shovel out to clean up after your fish.  Just once a year to get out the pond debris.  We have many customers that enjoy their water gardens and have kept their fish for years.  Don’t let those pond myths nor the expense of the pond equipment discourage you from making a pond or waterfall.  There is a pond, waterfall, or a fountain that will fit within YOUR budget and YOUR yard so that you can enjoy YOUR own oasis.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”  Loren Eiseley






“Water is the driving force of all nature.”  Leonardo Da Vinci

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