With the scorching temperature coming to the end 

              it’s time to get the pond, waterfall, and fountain ready for


*Keep debris like leaves and grass clippings out of pond w/ a NET (instock).

*KEEP applying natural bacteria – ie. ONEFIX, REAL CLEAR CLARIFIER (instock).

*Use BARLEY (instock) to help control algae during the cooler weather.

*Disconnect CHECK VALUE from pump for winter.

*Clean out FILTER PADS

*STOP feeding fish when water temperature is below 50 F

*A small pump is great to use to help aerate the pond instead of a De-icer. We have small pumps, 180gph to 1980gph instock.

*If you have a fountain that needs to be winterize, drain water out of it and tarp it for winter.  Use a shop vac to clean it up, spray it down with clear coat Rust oleam (instock) help protect the finish.

*DScale (instock) is a good product to help clean up your aerator from calcium build up and pond debris, it can also help prolong the life of the pump by cleaning the impeller bi-annually. 

Stay safe for Winter








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