African Violet

African Violet

African Violet

African Violets are beautiful re-blooming house plants that are great for beginners. While many may call violets fussy, if you know their proper care, these plants can easily flourish and bloom.


Water: Violets can be tricky to water. They don’t like their leaves to get wet, so it is recommended to place them in a saucer of water and allow them to soak up the water from below. The plant should be kept evenly moist, but not soaking wet or in standing water.

Light: Bright indirect light.

Soil: Any variety that is well draining.

These timeless plants offer such a large variety that there are many people who collect these plants by the dozens. Below are just some of the characteristics that can be found in these plants.


Semi double bloom (above)

Single unique color

Frilled bloom with two colors

Frilled bloom with speckles

Double bloom single color

Double bloom with frilled edges

And many, many more.


  • GROWTH RATE Moderate

Partial Shade