Desert Rose

Desert Rose

Desert Rose

These beautiful, flowering, specimen plants are a real treat to any home or collection. With their rose-like flowers, and unique bonsai like trunks these plants are excellent as focal points and center pieces.

Desert Roses (Adenium) are tropical succulents, and require a little more care than their cousins, desert succulents.

Light: Bright light or direct sunlight for several hours to insure blooms.

Watering: In the spring and summer, keep soil somewhat moist, but not constantly wet.

In fall, and especially winter, reduce watering. The plant should go dormant, even loosing a lot of its leaves. This is normal and will insure a good bloom in the spring.

Soil: Cactus potting mixes or soil with great drainage to prevent root rot.

Varieties: Desert roses come in a large variety of colors below are just a few:

Light pink and white (above)

Red with White throat

White with Pink and Yellow

White with Red edge

Bright Red

Light Pink with dark pink ruffled edges

Double bloom white

  • GROWTH RATE Moderate