Jade Plant (Jade Tree)

Jade Plant (Jade Tree)

Jade Plant (Jade Tree)

Jade plants with their thick fleshy leaves, are a simple and easy house plant to care for. Because they are a succulents, they don’t require a lot of water, making them perfect for those of us that forget to water. What’s really unique about these succulents is that given time, they can grow a trunk and become more tree like in appearance.

Light: Jades love as much sun as possible, if they don’t receive enough sunlight they may become leggy or don’t even grow.

Watering: Jade, or any succulent, don’t like the soil to be moist all the time, so make sure the soil drys out before you water again.

Soil: Jade needs soil with good drainage to prevent root rot.

Jade Plant (Above)

Variegated Jade

Character Jade (Jade Tree)

Portulacaria afra

  • GROWTH RATE Moderate