Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

While technically not a true bamboo (it’s really a Dracena) Lucky Bamboo has been part of Chinese culture for a long time and has recently become popular and is now being sold around the world. These unique plants can be grown in straight water or in soil. They are commonly sold in bunches planted in water tight pots with rocks to hold them up. These arrangements are a great way to add an Asian or modern flare to any area.

Lucky Bamboo is relatively easy to care for once you know what it needs.

Light: Bright indirect light, but can handle lower light levels but won’t grow much. Too much light may cause leaves to burn.

Watering: If ‘planted’ in straight water, make sure that you use distilled or purified water. Hard water, or water containing a lot of minerals, is hard on the plant and might cause the tips of the leaves to turn brown. If planted in soil, it can handle a little more hard water, but if soil starts to show white patches on top, or the leaf tips turn brown, flush out the excess minerals by placing the plant in the sink and let the water run through the soil to drain them out.

Lucky bamboo in water (above)

Lucky Bamboo in soil



  • GROWTH RATE Moderate

Partial Shade