Poinsettias are one of the most iconic holiday plants that can be found and are a great addition to any holiday decorating that you do. With proper care, you can enjoy these plant for many weeks to come.

Light: Place poinsettias in bright indirect lighting. However, avoid placing too close to a window as cold temperature can damage the plant.

Water: Poinsettias enjoy plenty of moisture, but need good drainage to avoid root rot.

Note: These plants are only available seasonally (around Thanksgiving to Christmas), so make sure to grab one when they are available.

Poinsettias also come in different colors and sizes. Here are a few that we carry.


Classic red poinsettia (Above)

Glitter or Jingle Bell poinsettia

White Poinsettia

Pink Poinsettia

Marble Poinsettia

  • GROWTH RATE Moderate

Partial Shade