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July Pond Information

Cascading falls kits in stock-
Mini 10” cascading kit - $699.99


-Great option for a small corner next to a porch or deck
-6’x10’ rubber liner, underlayment, canyon matrix, 10” waterfall box, 1495gph pump, 1”x7’ pipe, 8oz pond cleaner & Muck buster, Instructions
-this kit will become a 3’ long cascading stream

Small 20” Cascading kit – $949.99


-20” Cascade spillway box, 1980gph pump, canyon matrix, pump discharge assembly, 1.5”x10’ pipe, installation kit, 8x15’ liner, underlayment, muck buster, instructions
-this kit will make a 7’ long stream
22” Elite Medium cascading kit - $1,899.99
22” elite cascade box, 10x10 basin liner, 10x20 stream liner, 4500gph pump, 2”x25’ pipe, 3 large matrix boxes, small pump canyon, installation kit

Pond tips:
Enjoy you pond or waterfall for BBQ season this July, give yourself some R&R
Keep up on the algae with Algae Dsolv – Follow the label for dosage amount –


Keep water clear with OneFix or Pond shock



Barley can help with algae control, this is the organic algae control option
When feeding fish only put enough food for them to consume in 3-5 minutes, don’t over do the feeding to make the water quality bad and create excess nitrate.

Call Doug for more information: 801-430-1898